Why EVA?

EVA is the affordable solution to the need for direct observation systems. But beyond its affordability, it also delivers valuable features that make it time-efficient for doctors and/or preceptors, and ideal for patient-centered care instruction.

Real-time time-coded annotation

Whether you are watching the recording live or in playback mode, you can type feedback notes. These are time-coded when you make an entry ensuring each entry matches the video recording it relates to, and making the notes relevant and influential.

Unobtrusive audio/video recording

Discreet cameras with built-in microphone make recorded doctor-patient interactions more authentic.

Secure access

All videos are encrypted while they are recorded and stored. EVA does not allow any external transfer, ensuring the highest level of security for sensitive patient interactions.


Although the video cameras are stationary, the system is run from netbooks, allowing you to view and comment from your preferred location.

Ideal for patient-centered care instruction

The patient-centered care model is becoming increasingly important in health-care systems. EVA helps educational institutions teach this model to the doctors of tomorrow.